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Hongkoo About

About Us

We are biscuit manufacturer. For many years, we have been developed our products to meet the needs of our customers because we care about you.

T rough out these years and eras, biscuits are a part of Thai people. Since biscuits are introduced, we grow up along with the snacks like biscuits as well as the culture that we have been recieved from European countries since in the early decades of Thai kingdom. We felt the important of the biscuits and its taste of good that weave Thai people to the different style of enjoying desserts. Therefore, biscuits are tied with Thai culture and are the popular snacks in Thailand. Because of these bonds, we would like to share our taste of biscuit with Thai people. Not only the old generation people but the new youngsters as well. Under this purpose, our company was established emphasizing on providing the high quality and fresh biscuits for Thai people.

A fter set up our company, we learned more and more about biscuits and we intensively studied about it to develop our biscuits into the best product in customer's mind. We enhanced our recipe and meticulously adjust our unique style of taste into our biscuits. Hongkoo, therefore, is the first trademark for out products to represents the elegant in taste of our snacks. We offer the best of us to Thai market as well as neighboring countries. Our success in expanding our market through those market contribute to our archive of knowledge. We found out that the way to maintain our business in a good condition is to find the real needs of customer and to respond to those needs spontaneously in order to take care our customer well.

When you taste biscuit, taste when it's hot.

Our Events

Our company arrange activities occasionally because we care about society and our customer as well.

First Food shares for society.

First Food Biscuit Event Charity

First Food Biscuit company shares the happiness with the children in Baan Nhong Phuthao school, Kanchanaburi. We go for charity every occasion and share our experiences with several fun activities.

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