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Hongkoo About

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Contact us for more information. If you need more information about our product or our service (OEM), please call us to get full detail or email us to inform the need. Please note that we won't answer or reply the online form.

Therefore, please use the online contact form when being asked to only.

To place an order on our products, please call us. We are very welcome for all customers who would like to order our biscuits and other products. Please find the contact number or email below to do so.

Thank you for visiting our website and intersting in our products.

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First Food Biscuit Calling Info

(+66) 2461-5346

between 9am-5pm (GMT), Monday to Saturday.

First Food Biscuit Address Info

First Food Biscuit Co., Ltd.

389 Moo4 BaanKlongSuan district,

PhrasamutJedi, Samutprkarn


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